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Work From Home Solutions

Office @ Home Solution

Work-from-home efficiency includes something beyond a working PC. Organizations need sufficient limits and secure endpoints for workers to get to their documents and applications from any place, and representatives need admittance to cloud applications to use the latest tools to the fullest.

Dev IT can help you assemble or extend your WFH procedure so representatives can achieve more in more places.

Work From Home Technology

There’s a lot to anticipate. However, you will not have to design alone. Dev IT Can assist you with getting your work from home and remote work drives dispatched rapidly, and with the usefulness, your workforce should be adequate

Dev IT Work from Home solutions

As you construct and keep up with your work from home foundation, Dev IT will share tips, techniques, and bits of knowledge on innovations to control your arrangements. Peruse the connected stories, online journals, and Tech Solutions Library for understanding the best way to construct and keep up with the wide assortment of necessary arrangements.

Network protection

From workstations and cell phones to individual gadgets, Dev IT offers a guarantee that the endpoints your clients use are secure in a far-off workplace.

Systems administration

Furnish your representatives with a dependable, secure work-from-anyplace experience.


Engage your representatives to telecommute safely with versatility and a tendency to answer from any place.

Coordinated effort

Only one out of every odd representative is accustomed to telecommuting. The properly coordinated effort devices can assist with making the change to working from home smoother

Application Delivery

Guarantee secure and steady admittance to basic applications for your work from home representatives with arrangements like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and far-off work areas.

Print from Home and Printer Supplies Continuity

Give printing abilities to address the issues of your new far-off clients, just as your leftover office staff.