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Practical Experience in Waste Management

We have years of practical experience in waste management and have built great expertise in understanding different types of wates to manage them perfectly as per the applicable guidelines. As a leading waste management service provider we offer research and auditing services, advisory, waste handling solutions and much more to businesses so they manage the waste produced in the best way.

How we help?

Our in-house Custom Clearance team with almost a decade of experience offer extensive expertise to plan and implement integrated waste management solutions that protects the environemnt and helps in conserving the natural resources.

Our internal and external government-certified compliance and training consultants carefully analyze the current and future demands of our clients and offer customized waste management planning services to fit their varied requirements.

ITAM systems are required to be compliant with a variety of directives, regulations, and orders. Examples of these include:

  • Federal Information Processions Standards (FIPS)
  • National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

We integrate many waste prevention and management methods to help our clients and strive to achieve their goals. Call us now to get more details.

Our e-waste solutions

E waste is a popular name given to those electronic products that are approaching to the end of their life and e waste is very dangerous because there are some components in an electronic device that are quite hazardous for the environment. The hazardous level depends on the density and condition of the electronics. It also poses risk to human lives. Discarded mobile phones, Televisions, computers, stereos, batteries, etc. need to be disposed on time and in a correct way. Most of these products can be used again. It can be refurbished, recycled and reused in a sound way that is beneficial to the environment and humans. Appropriate management of ewaste is a must and we offer e waste minimization solutions to either dispose them or reuse them in an environment friendly way.