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Sourcing or Procurement of Assets

A business goal is to generate revenue and improving the management as well as the accessibility of assets is vital to pave the way for digital tools to improve the asset life cycle management process. Understanding and analyzing the lifecycle of each asset is important to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. It helps the owners to make better procurement decisions. Moreover, various other costs and maintenance are reduced drastically.

The first stage of maintaining the asset lifecycle is procurement or sourcing ( purchasing goods and services). We help you make the best decision so it meets the budget and company requirements as well.

Planning the needs and identifying from the data we have gathered it is easy to forecast so the actual purchase is worthwhile. Once the asset is classified as profitable and ideal for the company the deal will be closed. It needs to be planned properly and here we come into the picture to make things easy for our clients.

Our services are designed for today’s asset-intensive businesses:

We have spent a decade and a half in the industry helping various clients to boost asset planning, performance, and safety. Our certified technical consultants on the roll and multiple OEMs in each technology area will help you manage every aspect of the asset lifecycle efficiently.

We help identifying the need for data as per the requirement of an asset based on the evaluation of existing assets. We put a management system to do this that helps in analyzing the trends and data and hence it can be understood what value a particular asset can add to operations. After the analysis, the purchase can be made and we focus on the financial aspect of obtaining the asset in the required budget that was decided in the planning stage. On making the purchase, asset tracking solutions are executed to know the performance of the asset in its lifecycle.

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